Spanish Revival

There’s a home at 3100 Gold Avenue in El Paso’s Manhattan Heights neighborhood that inspired the design and feel of The Fields. It was built for Zach White’s daughter, Katherine White, and her husband Paul Harvey who owned the land The Fields stands on today. Although they had many people involved with its design, it was El Paso’s first female architect, Mabel Welch who would oversee every aspect of the home. She would also be sure to include the home’s most distinguishing detail that Harvey and his wife noticed while on a trip to Cuba—it’s beautiful terra cotta roof. When a leak springs, you add a tile, hence making for a gorgeous look and texture. The home is full of unique features that are a world apart from many of today’s “cookie cutter” homes.

This house, like the homes we plan to build in The Fields, has those touches that we once considered when building our personal dwellings: strong bones, unique features, thoughtful design. That’s what we want for The Fields, a neighborhood full of vibrant homes, each with a unique character of its own. We want you to think about a terra cotta roof detail, about the carvings in the beams, about the door you want to welcome your guests, your unique floor plan, and what makes your home truly yours.

The Fields is our legacy, it’s your family. We plan to build a legacy neighborhood like the carefully planned El Paso neighborhoods of Kern Place and Manhattan Heights that are just as vibrant and timeless as the day they were built.

The Fields will give you an old world, established neighborhood feel with new construction. When building your home, we want you to think about the “little things” that make it special. We provide the environment, you provide your home.

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